Monday, 13 December 2010

FIRST TUTORIAL--- how to upload your header

Level: Easy
If you are a loyal reader of Grace Loves the beatles {wink, wink}, you would have seen this on my other blog. I will try to post tutorials every day to every three days, but this might be hard to manage with my other two blogs, so no promises. :-) Anyway, here I go. This is the first tutorial of many.

1. Sign into blogger and go to your dashboard.
2. On the blog you want to upload your header to, click "Design."
3. Click "Edit" on the header section.:
4. A box like this will pop up:
{you may have to click on the image to view it.}
5. If you already have a header, click "Remove Image." If you don't, click "browse" and find the header.
6. This is very important: Check the box "Instead of title and description", and while it is uploading, click "Shrink to fit."
7. Click "save" and enjoy your awesomely awesome new header!

Thanks if you made it through all of that. You can request a tutorial by emailing me at Thanks!