Wednesday, 14 September 2011

three of my favorite editing tecniques

oh haiiii.
it's me, grace? i used to post on this blog?
well, I'm back.

if you follow my main blog, you know that i just got Lightroom 3. i'm having fun playing around with it, and will hopefully sometime do a tutorial (when I actually learn how to use it.) but, I'm still going to use PSE, unless of course I fall in love with Lightroom and forget about photoshop. but, that probably won't happen.

anyways, today I'm doing three of my favorite editing tecniques in photoshop elements. I use 8, but I'm 99% sure you can do these things in the older versions (or the newer ones.)

1. editing a JPG in RAW.
oh my gosh, it's not hard, but it sure sounds fancy! I don't really need to do a full on lesson on this, because I already did one right here. so go read it for yerself. all the cool people edit their JPG's in RAW.

2. adjusting color curves.
Go to Enhance>Adjust color>Adjust color curves. Here you can mess with highlights, midtone brightness/contrast, etc. This is one of my favorite things to do but I always forget about it! I love it because you can do a simple tweak, or make a dramatic change and it's super easy!

3. levels.
Now, I'm sure that most people know what levels are. I literally do levels on 100% of photos. Here's how.
You want to move the black arrow on the far left, and the white arrow on the far right towards the center a little bit so they're touching either side of the black thing. Does this make sense?

so, did you learn anything? what's one of your favorite editing tecniques? please share!