Monday, 25 April 2011

some new stuff.

salutations people!
we've gotten almost 10 new followers in the past day.
i just want to say welcome to our new followers. i hope you like it here!

another thing is that this blog got a makeover. It's been many designs in the past week or so, but i think this one's here to stay for the month of May... maybe. please replace my orange flowery button with the button on my sidebar. thanks!

many of my new followers have stumbled upon this blog from and then, she {snapped}'s awesomesauce package giveaway! if you haven't entered, you have until friday. you could win a free awesomesauce package! i'm sponsoring many giveaways, so if you don't win this one, please don't cry.

I learned how to do removable backgrounds and will adding that to my packages. you can see an example of the background here, on my personal blog. just know that if you buy the sweet blogger giveaway or the awesomesauce, you get a background too. you have to purchase a scrapbook kit for this, however. more information on this later, pinky swear!

the next tutorial will be how to save you images for the web. this is super easy and super helpful! i've seen on a few blogs that they have ran out of space in blogger and it wants to charge them. if you use this, your images will take up virtually no space in blogger. ta da! so that's coming soon, so stay tuned... probably Friday at the latest. that will be my last photoshop post, and then back to blog design tutorials! if you're strictly here for the blog design tutorials, please forgive me. i just wanted to have a little more variety with my tutorials.

i hope you lovelies all had a lovely Easter weekend... i sure did! have a nice week and i'll see you sometime in the week. :)

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