Friday, 4 March 2011


Damask premade:
Deep Sea premade:
{the background of the seahorse print is also avalible in greyish purple, a darkish blue, a yellowish green, a dark purple, simple white, orangeish yellow, orange, red, and maroon-y red if you're not feeling the hot pink.}

minty freshness premade:

so. hi there.
I have been getting requests for blog designing and it is so fun and awesome! srsly. I want to make it easier... easier for you and me. i will be making premades. your design can be the exact replica of a premade, inspired by the premade, or have nothing to do with any premades. just make sure to mention in your email if you have your eye on one of these.
(and also, i will be making more, so don't you fret if you dont see one tha makes you go OHMIGOSHIWANTTHATPREMADENOW.)


  1. Grace,
    I'm glad that the author comment tutorial worked for you!
    -Megan of Calm Water

  2. beautiful! I love how simple and chic your designs are! :)
    I am considering your damask pre-made for my blog when I re-design ;)

  3. thanks Megan! it was really helpful!
    miss rachel b, just shoot me an email when you decide. :)