Monday, 21 February 2011

Blog design is starting. Yeah. For realz. (Yes, realz.)

(I know this is sort of random... but I am a random person and I like cupcakes.)

Greetings! (Just kidding, I don't actually say "greetings". Ha.)
If you haven't noticed, Gracely Designs got a facelift. (I'm still working on it, but at least you can read the words.)
I have learned a scary amount of HTML in just a few hours. Seriously. Scary.
I really enjoy it, though. I think it's fun.
That's why I'm starting blog design. For YOU.
I'm not awesome, nor a pro at this. I'm not going to charge you guys for the time being. I'm going to work hard on your blogs.
I will be writing more about this later today. (Ya know, the deets.) Expect another page titled "blog design". If you are interested, you can email me now or email me in a few hours when I have the post up.
I think this will be fun!

*confused? Olivia of Robin Blogs put my post up for Grace Loves the Beatles earlier today, so I didn't do that. I did, however, design this blog you're looking at right now.

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