Monday, 17 January 2011

how to watermark your photos

alternative title: my first photoshop tutorial

Level: medium and a half
Yes, this is my very first photoshop tutorial. I will use PSE8 for all of my tutorials. I think that watermarking is a great idea... it gives your photos a personal touch and keeps bad guys from stealing your pictures. 

The first thing you need to do is start a new document. {control+n}. It doesn't really matter the size (it just can't be super tiny) because we will crop it later. In the drop down box, make sure it says "transparent."

now is the creative part. what do you want it to look like? you can use custom shape tool, fonts, whatevs. have fun with it.

next, it's time to crop it. you want to crop it pretty closely around the shape. (i don't know if this really matters, but this is what i do so whatevs.)

now its time to save it as a watermark. you go to edit > define brush. name it, click OK and your you're good to go!

to watermark them, you must be on the brush tool. Go to the drop down box and scroll down to the bottom. You will find your watermark there. Then, simply stamp the watermark on your photo. You're done!

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peace out, yo!


  1. WTH? I didn't even know you had THIS blog! You're freakishly talented, young lady. I really mean that. Can you show your old, idiotic friend how to do a "screen shot". I just figured out that's what they're called.
    Dang, girl. You ROCK!

  2. I use Easy Watermark Studio for watermarking, exist also Lite version for non commercial use.
    You can download from:

  3. annie, thank ya very much. ;)